Betting Software

The best Betfair wrapper is here!


OddzBreaker is the perfect tool for all Betfair users who are eager to significantly increase their profits. Its powerfulness and fastness allows bets on the largest online sports betting exchange platform "". It is not a 'traditional bookmaker', only people who want to exchange bets and trade ('back' or 'lay') on various markets: soccer, horse-racing, cricket, etc...The market fast fluctuation is primarily based on users actions. OddzBreaker is the ideal tool to effectively place the bets without the delays usually generated by various stages of validation through the referencing site (


Why using Oddzbreaker ?

Direct betting in just one click (simple and multiple).
Multiple betting (and Dutch betting)
Profit balancing (from 0% to 100% on traded selection).
Vertical and horizontal trading.
Multiple markets tab.
Australian markets and wallet transaction.
Asian handicap support.
Betting simplified with ladders.
Odds offset Management
Graphical visualization of market.
Proxy connexion.
Sounds according specific events.
Keyboard short cuts.
Live update.
Sorting selected item.
Simultation mode.
Internet traffic optimization.
Export/import market into Excel and interact with it.