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 'Main tab'

oddzbreaker Onglet Générale/Paris multiples/Excel
  1. Offsets for single bets (see Using offsets system).
    -Button '? ': show panel Offsets presets window.

  2. -In blue, default back stake value.
    -In pink, default lay stake value.
    -button '? ': show panel Stakes presets window.

  3. Current stake (blue background: back, pink background: lay)

  4. The checkbox 'Horizontal trade' automatically calculates the stack (in back or lay side) in order to balance a selection according to 'profit balancing'. If disabled, default stake is used (defined in 2).
    The checkbox 'Vertical trade' use another selection in order to carry out a trade . It is especially used on markets with 2 possible outcomes (tennis, under/over ect…)
    It runs the same way as the horizontal trade, with the difference which you have to checked the selections that will support the vertical trade, via the column 'X' in the selections panel. In the case of 2 selections market, you have to check the 2 only selections .

  5. By clicking on the 'S' / 'P'  button, you can switch from the normal management of the stake 'S' (Stake mode) to the payout mode 'P' (Payout mode):
    Example: you have set the default back and lay stake to 100 euros. If you activate the 'P' mode , OddzbBreaker will seek a profit of 100 euros if you back (it will calculate the stake necessary to reach 100 euros), on the contrary, it will search a maximum liability of 100 euros if you lay.
    This mode is also proposed in the ' Dutch betting' function on the 'Multiple betting tab'.
    2 boxes on the right of the button ' S' /' P' enable you to limit the stakes in the payout mode (back and lay stakes).

  6. Profit balancing:
    You can distribute profit in some way between the current selection and the others.
    -at 50%, the software will calculate the settings so as to equalize the profits on all selections (identical profits everywhere).
    -at 0%, you estimate that the selection will loose: 100% of profit will be on others selections
    -at 100%, you estimate that the selection will win, 100% of profit will be on this selection.

  7. Confirm bet : each bet you launch will be listed in a dialog box. This way you can submit or cancel the operation

  8. Ladders : Display the ladders