Tutorial: OddzBreaker


First, open the OddzBreaker form menu and log in to Betfair. You should see your balance in the status bar at the bottom.

  1. Select whether you want to use the simulation bet mode or not ('Simulation Betting' checkbox) (Markets tab).
    It is recommended to start betting in simulation mode.
  2. The market menu enables you to choose the kind of markets on which the operations will be carried out. You can leave this window open most of the time, and you have the possibility to save the markets on which you want to make operations: these markets can be viewed quickly by clicking the shortcut. (See Quick market window).
  3. Check 'Confirm bet': A confirmation dialog box opens and you can send an operation on the market.
  4. Choose default stakes in the top panel (Stakes).
    Note: button '?' enables to order stakes by default.

Simple betting (back or lay):

  1. To back, click one of the 3 blue cells in front of the selection in Selections panel. The potential profit (in green) or potential loss (in red) is clearly shown in column 'C.P/L' of the selections panel before validating your bets. 

The same operation can be done with the ladder:

  1. Choose your selection with the column 'Selection' in Selections panel (Column 1). A coloured border shows the current selection used by the ladder.
  2. Bet directly on ladder: betting on the 2 first cells on the left sends a back, whereas on the right it send a lay.

Multiple bets:

  1. Check several selections in the selections panel. (Column 17 'X' header: Selections panel).
  2. Click on 'Multiple betting' tab in the upper panel.
  3. Click on the back or lay button to respectively bet on/bet against all selections.
    Or click on the blue button in the Dutch box to balance profits over chosen selections in back.
    Or click on the pink button in the Dutch box to balance loss over choosed selections in lay.

Equally distribute profit on selection (Trade), use H.profit:

  1. Set the profit distribution at 50% (default setting).
  2. Propose a back bet in way to be matched.
  3. In column H.profit, you will see that the cell facing the selection has changed. The background is now pink. If you click on it, a lay will be proposed.
    On the bottom of the H.profit cell facing your selection, the number shows the real time predicted profit if the bet is matched.
  4. Click on the cell, and validate your bet. If the bet is matched, the trade is done and reference selection balanced.

See below, the result of an 'Horizontal trade' done on a selection. By using this functionality, you are sure to get a profit, no matter the outcome of the event.

oddzbreaker trade

Equally distribute profit on a selection at current odds and with the ladder:

  1. Set the profit distribution at 50% (default setting).
  2. Check option 'Horizontal trade'.
  3. Send a back Bet in way to be matched.
  4. In the selection window, click on the first pink cell. You propose a lay at current odd with a stake calculated by the tool for balancing the selection.
    Or in the ladder, you can offer a lay bet at any odds. The tool will automatically calculate the stakes for you.
    Note: If OddzBreaker can't balance the profit on your selection with the option 'Horizontal trade' checked because the stake is too low, the default stake will be applied.